Vintage Brown Leather Bag
Vintage Brown Leather Bag


Vintage Brown Leather Bag

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Leather bags are carefully selected by 2ABNORMAL to ensure the shape and quality of materials such as leather, lining, zipper,...

Using second-hand bags in addition to helping reduce the amount of waste from the fashion industry into the environment, second-hand bags also helps you enhance the unique beauty of yourself and the bag. 💓

✨ WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF OWNING A VINTAGE LEATHER BAG? The bags are made of highly durable genuine leather. A crossbody bag, handbag or even a leather briefcase, all can withstand the test of time. Because leather bags are handcrafted by experts who have been doing this for generations, every little detail is perfected. Even though it is a vintage product, the newness is very high. Furthermore, Vintage Bags have a very high rarity and the likelihood of meeting someone else wearing the same bag as you is very low. Ensure their uniqueness.