Vintage, recycling and craftsmanship are what define them - 2ABNORMAL - inspired by the art of sustainability.

Each and every piece of item worn everyday, whether it is clothes or accessory, has its very own story, instead of throwing them away, they can be recycled into something even more special. That’s exactly what 2ABNORMAL do.

From necklaces, earrings, bracelets to watches, brooches and so more, anything pre-owned, they recycle. With the ongoing waste problems from the fashion industry nowadays, 2ABNORMAL has proved their strength as a part of reducing environmental pollution and why their brand‘s impact is undeniable.

Beside the meticulous requirements in the process of editing every small detail and remake carefully by hand, the product itself also has a positive impact to the environment.

Instead of using industrial machinery and mass production fuel, recycled handmade products have a deep meaning comes from creativity. Used materials meant to be thrown away are now remade with care, so they can be reborn. Combined with the passion of the craftsman, they bring life to each of the product. That’s why craftsmanship is more about the craftsman’s ego than the product’s commercial value.

2ABNORMAL always carries two wishes, first is that the products will spread positivity and will not outcome environmental consequences. Not only to enhance the connection between human and Mother Nature, but also to reduce the large amount of products ends up in the landfills each year. Taking part in minimize ‘carbon footprint’ on the journey to protect this ‘Green Planet’. Second is nothing else but for the owner of these meaningful items can shine bright and truly understand the value of the art of craftsmanship.

By Moody Team

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