Eco Friendly Packaging

🌿  This is the packaging when we ship our products. We use paper bags (recycled & biodegradable) and paper boxes instead of nylon bags to reduce the use of plastic.

🌿  When shopping at the store, we still use paper bags. Most of the items at 2AB are small and pretty, so if you have a bag, we encourage you to put the product in your own bag. For big products like clothes, 2AB will hand you paper bags, but please continue to reuse them.

🌿  We saves paper by limiting receipt printing. We only print invoices when you request. All products in the store are price tagged. We will confirm the price of each product you choose to buy before paying.

🌿 We all know about the impact of “Fast Fashion” on the environment and that's why we created 2ABNORMAL. The use of vintage items, used-item helps to reduce the amount of "Carbon Footprint" - the emissions generated every year.

🌿 We hopes to receive support from everyone and we will always try to create green, environmentally friendly campaigns.


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